Antonio J. Fernández Leiva

Game programming and serious games

Research projects

Research projects

Research projects

My own research on games

  1. CAESIUM (Complex and Evolutionary Systems group at the Universidad de Málaga): I lead a research group whose goal is the application of Artificial/Computational Intelligence to combinatorial (constrained) optimization/satisfaction problems, including those in the fields of Videogame Programming, Bioinformatics, Scheduling, ……
  2. DNEMESIS (PROJECT TIC-6083; Junta de Andalucia)  Optimización interactiva en sistemas distribuidos para la obtención de soluciones subjetivamente interesantes  mediante heurísticas bioinspiradas y modelos de cooperación híbridos. 2011-2015. I lead a group of 9 researchers working on the application of bio-inspired optimization techniques to bio-informatics and games. As an aside result we are implementing a multi.player RTS game (more information on it….soon!).



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