Antonio J. Fernández Leiva

Game programming and serious games

Personal writings

Personal writings

Personal writings

I like to write, not only research papers but also stories (specially text focused on science fiction or terror) , essays and other kind of writings. Here you can find some of my personal writings (written mainly in Spanish….I do not control  Shakepeare’s language….yet  😉

  1. La deshumanización en dos caras. Essay about the text “La habitación roja” authorized by Im Chul-Woo. Third prize of the competition “V concurso de ensayo de literatura coreana, UMA 2012“. LaDeshumanizaciónEnDosCaras
  2. ¡Dicho y hecho! Un despiste…sin relevancia. Published in “III CERTAMEN DE RELATOS FANTÁSTICOS FANCINE (UMA, 2011), selected stories”. Dicho_y_hecho. Book with selected stories: relatos_2012_PDF
  3. El creador de crueldades. Published in “I CERTAMEN DE RELATOS FANTÁSTICOS FANCINE (UMA, 2009), selected stories”.CreadorDeCrueldades



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