Antonio J. Fernández Leiva

Game programming and serious games




I am currently involved in a new challenge: SERIGAMES! Yes,  two colleagues (Raúl Lara Cabrera – programmer and PhD student of mine- and Sergio Castro Sánchez – professional designer) and I want to get fun and for that reason we have decided to translate our scientific knowledge to the industry. How? …hmmm, just creating a (small, of course) private company focused in both the development of videogame and the teaching of scientific skills to create videogames. We have named our company project as SERIGAMES (Serious issues for games).


Currently, SERIGAMES  is only a proposal but we hope that  it will be a reality soon. So far we have won an entrepreneur award and Serigames is born as an spin-off of the Universidad de Málaga.


Let’s have fun! …and long live to videogames!

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This entry was posted on March 28, 2014 by in AI Techniques, Events, Serious game.
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