Antonio J. Fernández Leiva

Game programming and serious games

Sociedad Española para las Ciencias de Videojuego (SECiVi)

SECiVi (Sociedad Española para las Ciencias del Videojuego)

Yes, you read it well! The Spanish Association for the Videogame Science (SECiVi) is near to be created! Good, definitely very good news.

This association is born with four main objectives:

  1. To act as a qualified interlocutor or representative partner  of both the civil society and its representative government in the areas of competence of the association,
  2. To promote research, innovation and technology transfer between different the actors involved in the advancement of these disciplines,
  3. To encourage activities with other national and international associations with similar purposes, and
  4. To contribute to scientific and technological development in Spain in the area of Design and Game Development.

In addition,  this association can be consideredis as a bridge between players, companies and academy, and will try to disseminate the results that academia  is producing in the videogame area; also it will promote the technological transfer from the academy to the industry and the collaboration betwe these two worlds.

I am proud to be part of it and be one of the members that have promoted its creation (in addition, among other activities to execute in pro of the association,  I am the event manager in the web page).

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