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Game programming and serious games

Play Pong with your eyes!!



Videogames are not necessarily a software product created just for providing fun to the player and nowadays many videogames with other primary goals are being proposed by both the industry and academy. This is the case of the so-called serious games.

I want to attract your attention to some interesting applications in this exciting world of the serious games and I will link this page to a number of interesting projects that are currently being developed.

For instance, have you considered the possibility of playing games with no joystick at all to manage the human player-controlled characters? Of course, you not only considered it but you have the possibility to do it by means of the Kinect and Move technology! But I refer to the possibility of playing without using your hands, arms, legs or foot! For instance, just using your eyes!! What a wonderful idea, isn’t it? This can be a reality for the society soon……researchers of the IC (Imperial College) are developing a low cost (about 50 euros) system to play Pong wiht the eyes.


You can find more information here:

and also here:

Great! wonderful! Can you imagine the extensions to other areas? This system would be really useful to the society (I will not mention examples, just let your imagination fly).

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