Antonio J. Fernández Leiva

Game programming and serious games

Welcome to my personal blog!

Hi my friend,

this is my personal blog, an space dedicated to publish news directly related with my work (and also passion) the application of Artificial Intelligence to games, and specially to game programming,  and the implementation of videogames, but it is not only restricted to this field as I like sport (specially martial arts), culture in general (particularly folk music, literature, theater, and cinema) and thus from time to time I will publish some news on these  themes.

First of all I would like to apologize for  the mistakes that I will surely make writing in English but I have decided to publish my posts in this language to force myself to improve my English writing 😉 Sorry for that!

As already mentioned, I mainly will publish news/remarks/predictions/etc related with games, game programming and artificial/computational  intelligence but sometimes I will also publish other stuff (not necessarily related with games). All will be published under my responsability, of course.

BTW, my first post was a tribute to space invaders. …..I did not mention it but I love retro games!

Welcome to my world!,


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