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Game programming and serious games

Can a bot play like a human? The Turing test adjusted to games

Until recently, research on videogames was mainly focused on having more realistic games by improving graphics and sound. However, in recent years, hardware components have experienced exponential growth and players demand … Continue reading

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Interview (Radio) in the Program “Fallo de Sistema”….(in Spanish)

  En el marco de Gamepolis fui entrevistado para el programa de Fallo de Sistema (Radio Nacional de España, Radio 3)! Santiago Bustamante, un gran tipo por cierto y un … Continue reading

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Interview on TV UMA about Videogame development, Society and Research (in Spanish)

  In the context of the Cursos de Verano de la UMA on videogames (in Marbella), I was interviewed by TV UMA with respect to the current situation of the … Continue reading

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[Master on Videogames] Last days for enrolling!

  Only 8 days to be part of this marvellous world! Do you like to create your own games or be prepared to be part of specialized teams? Do yo … Continue reading

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Procedural Content generation: the 3 main goals..

  The videogame industry has taken the lead role from the entertainment business, with a total consumer spent of $24.75 billion in 2011 [1] and estimated game revenues of $70.4 billion worldwide … Continue reading

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Másteres UMA en desarrollo de Videojuegos

(In Spanish) ¿Quieres CREAR videojuegos? Elige tu profesión: Artista 2d/3d. Programador experto en Inteligencia Artificial Avanzada. ¡Ambos! Tengo el placer de anunciar la primera edición de tres másteres propios de … Continue reading

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Congreso de la Sociedad Española de las Ciencias del Videojuego como evento del Gamelab 2014.

    El Congreso de la Sociedad Española para las Ciencias del Videojuego (CoSECiVi 2014) se celebrará este año en Barcelona el 24 de Junio de 2014 del como antesala … Continue reading

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I am currently involved in a new challenge: SERIGAMES! Yes,  two colleagues (Raúl Lara Cabrera – programmer and PhD student of mine- and Sergio Castro Sánchez – professional designer) and … Continue reading

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What about Emotional non-player-characters (NCPs).

Affective Computing (AC), in a very simplified view, consists of applying the principles of Computer Science (CS) to the computation of feelings, emotions and or other affective phenomenons;  from some … Continue reading

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Procedural content generation: A tribute to Karl Sims

Procedural content generation (PCG)? WTF is it?  Well, I’m sorry for my evil language/slang, but probably, if you are not a professional game developer (I mean a professional worried for … Continue reading

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